Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Le Chat Noir

The Europeans rule the new wave of 2d animation! For some time I have maintained that we are overdue for another golden age of animation, with Disney reinstating their 2d department and Pixar blazing the way in academy-winning cartoons. Hot on the trail of Gobelins (search that name on youtube if you don't already know about it, you'll get some pretty slick student animated shorts), another art school, Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers of Luxembourg, is putting out some good stuff too. Le Chat Noir is made by Xavier Gogol, Rony Hotin Sebastien Genre and Yoann Robert, and is posted below in its bohemian, absythe-soaked goodness.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Updated Boy Named Sue Animatic

A NEW ANIMATIC that is now inked and contains MORE THAN TWO new gags!You can see my original character sketches ovah' here.

True-Life Horror Stories

In case you didn't know, it's now official that torture was approved for military use in Afghanistan and Iraq by Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld. John Yoo drafted legislation that is pretty clear cut concerning torture, and now the information is out there and nobody is doing anything, and that includes me. I think the New York Times ran this story on, like, page 30, because America's leaders squeezing out a turd on the constitution and Geneva Convention just doesn't sell the papers like it used to. Britney Spears is more important I guess. I still get slightly queasy with each re-reading of this, and the cold realization that world has a new supervillian, and I'm funding them. . There we go, rant over. My face is a portrait of disgust, a mixture of expression I make when I'm confused and when I'm severely constipated.

Reel, version one

My hopefully-very-professional-looking animation/illustration reel. Cut together with some baroque music from Chan Wook Park's 'Oldboy'. Hopefully the combined effect of the images and sound will produce the inexplicable desire to hire me in the hearts of executives and business-types. fingers crossed.