Sunday, October 19, 2008

Angus n' Teehan; The Animated Series

a little more then pencil tests from my huge-ass senior project that I am struggling to finish as we speak, Artichoke Hearts, concerning major league sourpuss Angus Grant and minor-league pussy willow, Teehan Delko. Soon this will look like it could be on TV, I promise.

Doubting Tommy

Another comic assignment I did for class that I'm considering for conversion into animated form sometime in the near future, perhaps in the pristine days when I am no longer brutally assaulted by schoolwork. Vaguely based on Johnny Cash music and 'All these Things That I Have Done' by The Killers. The style reminds a little of Scott Campbell's?

Peach Blacke comic

Just a quick comic I did for class about a character I wanted to write about for some time now- a living dead guitarist cowgirl who sells her soul to the devil (the the debbil, and folks in the south call him) an then wanders the earth and does that whole thing. I was finally given chance to fit my character into a class assignment, I saw my chance, and by god, I took it! God bless this great nation of ours!