Saturday, October 9, 2010

It'll take forever to see what-I've-got

I love Tina Turner's Goldeneye! It's a real romp of a song and it sounds like someone is running kilojoules of honey through her neurons to get her to the appropriate volume of 'purr' to belt out "You'll never know, how Ah've watched you from the shadows as a chaaahhhhld..." it's almost inhumane. probably my favorite Bond song next to 'Nobody does it Better', and Johnny Cash's unused version of 'Thunderball'.
In any case- here's a nutty character duo, Mimschrift, and her vaudeville-themed Tim Curry-esque dad. I see them as either horror-hosts for Mim's ten year old classmates or bizarro bank-robbing supervillians:

next are two characters based on some voice recording work I did way back, and who I plan to use in a short character animation just once I get the designs down pat;

Then there's King Mayonnaise (tm) just saying 'what the fuck is this thing right here' (like he always does);

And some sketches left over from summer road trips; mostly down to the Noah's Ark water park in Wisconsin, and Hawkins, where I met up with my ex-roomie's musical kin;

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mel Savage and the Real-Life Downers String Quartet

First off, here's Melanie and Rex discussing what movie to rent before work. A nice little color study that I'm pretty proud of. I like Rex's half-applied sock.

Then we've got some sketches of people on the bus, as well as a self-portrait of the young artist, and some Mel Savage action poses; running! ranting! Body odor smelling! as well as her diminutive gay publishing agent, Fandogan Levi.

and for dessert, some restaurant/bar/public park sketches for lolcat imagining, youtube poop quoting friends.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Melanie Savage, and the Baroque Follies

I've been gestating new character ideas for some time now and they finally came to a head during my soul-crushing business classes in the form of Melanie Savage, a wannabe-children's book writer/health nut with a scruggy bike courier boyfriend, Rex. I'm sure she'll evolve bit by bit as time goes on, but I'm sort of happy with where she is now.

I've also got some test sketches from Renaissance portraiture for a comic I want to work on soon, and some sketches of people I made while shopping at the thrift-store.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

'This Is Sex' and This isn't.

Finally! my first ever freelance animation work has finally come out of the editing end of the movie monster, and here it is! my task was to animate an accompaniment to the drunken rant from a fictional rapper, Phallik, which mostly involves half-baked theories about ejaculation and bad raps. It's real early professional work, but I'm pretty pleased about most of it. okay, please, thanks!

and also, here is a sketch of hannah blummenreich, anna bongiovanni, and erik krenz, enjoying each other's waaaaacky company

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Distraction Squad

A bunch of funny looking young women joined a squad to fight corporate embezzlement and crime. They're Morna, the nerdy one, Callisto, the one with the muscle, Alizee, the contemplative storyteller, as well as Penny, Gertrude, Tai, Rachel, Yeller, Dell, MooMoo, Zerene, Kancy, with the occasional appearance of the Mim, Es, Toots, Yav, Pru, Des, Helia, Kim, Soo-Anne and Jacqueline. Or maybe these are just sketches of girls I did around town.

In addition here are some buildings I sketches when I was intoxicated.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sketchbook Fancies

I've started drawing again much more recently, and here are the fruits of those feverish labors; a couple character sketches, the first, Li'l Bitch (the littlest rapper, seen here in the garb of Omar Little), Space Kelly, some fanart for 'Cassie' a bounty hunter character belonging to Andrew Chesworth (with a free Jebediah 'scuba creep power' figure with four fully opposable and disposable 'lewdness joints' free of charge) , and finally an inked sketch of the gay gangster-robbing legend himself, Omar Little.

Then to top it off I've included a few porn-inspired drawings from some of my favorite works, including Blake Mason stuff, Shine Louis Stevenson's Crash Pad. And the occasional blissfully oblivious old man in there too.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Artichoke Hearts is DONE

Artichoke Hearts Completed from Kazimir Lee Iskander on Vimeo.

The final version of my Senior Thesis film, and my ticket outta this burg. The story of a Angus Grant, a cranky middle-aged divorcee and Teehan Delko, his spirited, 10-year-old neighbor, cast away from the world on a lonely island in the American Midwest called Artichoke Meadows. There are many things I'm pleased about with this film, and many more I would fix if I could do it over. But after two and a half years of bustin' my ass, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud.
Also, I just downloaded Johnny Cash's latest posthumous album, American VI: ain't no grave. fantastic! Lots of new work to come.