Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sketchbook Fancies

I've started drawing again much more recently, and here are the fruits of those feverish labors; a couple character sketches, the first, Li'l Bitch (the littlest rapper, seen here in the garb of Omar Little), Space Kelly, some fanart for 'Cassie' a bounty hunter character belonging to Andrew Chesworth (with a free Jebediah 'scuba creep power' figure with four fully opposable and disposable 'lewdness joints' free of charge) , and finally an inked sketch of the gay gangster-robbing legend himself, Omar Little.

Then to top it off I've included a few porn-inspired drawings from some of my favorite works, including Blake Mason stuff, Shine Louis Stevenson's Crash Pad. And the occasional blissfully oblivious old man in there too.

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