Saturday, October 9, 2010

It'll take forever to see what-I've-got

I love Tina Turner's Goldeneye! It's a real romp of a song and it sounds like someone is running kilojoules of honey through her neurons to get her to the appropriate volume of 'purr' to belt out "You'll never know, how Ah've watched you from the shadows as a chaaahhhhld..." it's almost inhumane. probably my favorite Bond song next to 'Nobody does it Better', and Johnny Cash's unused version of 'Thunderball'.
In any case- here's a nutty character duo, Mimschrift, and her vaudeville-themed Tim Curry-esque dad. I see them as either horror-hosts for Mim's ten year old classmates or bizarro bank-robbing supervillians:

next are two characters based on some voice recording work I did way back, and who I plan to use in a short character animation just once I get the designs down pat;

Then there's King Mayonnaise (tm) just saying 'what the fuck is this thing right here' (like he always does);

And some sketches left over from summer road trips; mostly down to the Noah's Ark water park in Wisconsin, and Hawkins, where I met up with my ex-roomie's musical kin;

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