Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mesmerini's and Hallucinations

Some Post-graduation catching up here. The first comes from the summer period; I co-created two characters, the Mesmerini brothers, two vaguely molest-intent intensive twin brothers who had inherited their occupation from a long line of hypno-mesmerists. They take baths together and have a roughly 9-year old's conception of sexuality, but they like embarassing women and hugging each other, before retiring at twilight time to their ancestral mansion with their controlling mother (not pictured).

The next comes from Last Christmas (2007) when I was a-visiting Boston to see my comrade and home-skillet, Alex, (whose blog you can find in my links section). We were tripping on acid, and I seem to have translated my class frustrations and fear of 1970s swim coaches into this strange piece of work. there are pizza grease stains on the paper.

I also 'stumbled' upon some nudie art blogs I'm very in love with; I've always fearfully considered my place in erotic art, maybe I'm still too much of a prude though. I'm adding Hellstroem, Colleen Coover, and @$$ and Siouxme to my recommended readings list!

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