Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tinker, Tailor, Animator

After maybe more than a year of ill-correspondence, I slither back to the quivering womb of blogspot with meagre offerings and vaguely apologetic overtures. Here are some mad visions I had while tripping the light fantastic in the mountains. They both seem to have something to do with jawbones and lightning, two of my favourite things.

Next, we have some off sketches of a den of sin I resided within during my London trip, Limazulu, and a stylish poster for a short film I acted in years ago.

And finally, sketches of old people from the Frankfurt airport (where they'll sooner eat your face off than light your cigarette for you) from and a pub in Harringey, uttering my fave Brit tabloid catchphrase. Don't ever say you I ain't done nothin' nice for you.

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