Sunday, April 6, 2008


SEDITIOUS has origins that reach far back before the St. James assassination that popularized it. Years of research has revealed a complex covert cell structure and organized philosophy, as well as the identities of hundreds of members. The organization itself lends its roots to post WW1 terrorist cell called ‘The Sedition’, and before that, the Vril Gesellschaft, an German occultist group, as well as ‘The Men Of The Black Stone ’ and a sect of revolutionary Freemasons known as ‘The Twelfth Legion.’ Primary funding for employment and recruitment of accomplices as well as a stockpiling of various arms and property was traced back to the prestigious Heim family, to which Irma Heim belongs. Subsequent donations are either untraceable or nonexistent, though it is unlikely the Heim Family could support SEDITIOUS over the course of several decades on its family wealth alone.

Of the executive’s hundreds is comprised an inner cabal nicknamed ‘The Office of Sorrows’ or ‘The Shadow Cabinet’, (pictured) known individually as (#1) Irma Heim, (photographed at London-Heathrow Airport, 1992) (#2) Peter Montague aka ‘The King Mantis’ aka ‘King Sharpe’, (origin of photograph unknown) (#3) Akhila Lakshmi, (photographed at Dacca, Pakistan during the Gupta siege, 1981)(#4) Dr. Lysander Opal aka ‘The Crystal Claw’, (photographed at Leary-Case trial in Washington, USA, shortly before escape) (#5) ‘Captain Zephyr’ (real name unknown, possibly Detlev Zivkovic), (photographed during the Zimbabwe Massacre, time and exact location unknown) (#6) Sidney Whisper aka ‘Mister Whisper’ (photographed during attempted capture by US forces in Songhua, China in 2000) and (#7) Fatmir Rugova (photograph taken from Kosovo Liberation Army archives.)

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