Monday, April 28, 2008

Suicide Food

If you're like me, you must agree that there's nothing more weird and pathetic than an animal mascot promoting a meat-eating establishment, especially when the meat that's being eaten is their own. Anthropomorphic salmon urging you to consume seafood, cartoon chickens selling out their brothers and sisters for perhaps just a few more days of sweet life. If there was a restaurant that served humans I would sooner perish with honor than prolong my tortured life by acting as a treasonous jester for my captors, but apparently many, many cartoon animals feel differently. The blog Suicide Food, which I am also adding to my links, is a list of these sad race traitors, it puts their faces up there on the internet for everyone to see so that maybe someday when one of these schmucks is out getting milk or renting a movie on some calm, normal night, BOOM! they get a taste of what they send their poor compadre's to every single fucking day. Justice.

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MIUMIU said...

I took Japanese women. Impressed.
If you please link if you like.