Sunday, April 6, 2008

Space Kelly: Here's A Smirk 3

The final collection of pages from my Space Kelly: Here's A Smirk project.

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Noah said...

Hey hey. Actually I read Space Kelly back when it was posted on your doomy deviantart page of doom and doomy doom. The adorable cartoon is indeed adorable -- I chuckled.

As for the other grimier version, I really enjoy the atmosphere -- I'm assuming you're going for a Louisiana-like feel for the shitty backwater colonies. Very cool. Then there's the future-y diction, which when I read it the first time felt a little forced, but after re-reading it felt a lot more natural. Conceptually it's great, but there's no story to speak of so as an introduction to the potential series we're not given enough framework/context through whose eyes we might effectively view this universe. Well, I lie. There is a story, but it doesn't seem to have much bearing on the course of the narrative -- that and I got confused and didn't know what happened in the end.

But regardless it makes for a neat concept introduction -- like that zombie short story of yours on the roof of the building. I'd love to see more, especially considering your art style will by now no doubt have become more refined.

I'm working on a sci-fi setting for some stories of my own, too. I'd be interested to see what you think.